Welcome to the new Reshaping The Curve Album Project. Music should be timeless, not linear. True musical identity lies within each artist’s soul and abilities. Gravitating to 60’s and 70’s music, referred to here as “The Curve”, our aim is to recolor and reshape music today by bringing quality artists and their music to the forefront.
Operial Media is in development of our new label. 60’s and 70’s music was so innovative and creative, so want to foster and promote artists and their music towards that end. Knowing brilliant works like Dark Side of the Moon and Abbey Road are forever, we want to assure great
musicians and writers create superior music and have generational followings for decades to come. We provide an environment where artists are encouraged by producers to create superior listening journeys without having to follow fads or trends.

December 2019 we added 5.1 surround sound to the capability to the studio. its has been a long time dream for me. My first song to mix in 5.1 was “Touch Me” by the Doors. That is such a phenomenal song. One of the best arranged songs in the world. Just listening to the separate tracks gave me chills. John Densmore’s drums are outstanding and Jim Morrison, what can you say but Dionysus. Raymond Daniel Manzarek and Robbie Krieger as so good as well. The Door’s were one of the greats.

2023 audio releases will include Stephen Langley and James Pomeranz.

Producer Influences/Studio Production Influences
Peter Collins (RUSH, Queensreich), Trevor Horn (YES – 90125), Paul Rothchild (The Doors),
George Martin (The Beatles), Devon Townsend: Casualty of Cool, The Doors Catalog, The Beatles: White Album/original and 2018 mixes, Most all 60’s/70’s music.