Virtual Sales Force – Informational Video

Here is Operial Media’s Video for Mark Golden’s Visual Sales Force. The video, voice over and editing were developed and recorded by James Pomeranz at Operial Media’s studios. The voice over was performed by Kristine Shafer.


Susan Schachterle – DVD trailer

Here is Operial Media’s Video/Trailers for the upcoming DVD “Women as Leaders, Women as healers” by Susan Schachterle.

Kids Haven Video

The voice over was performed by Kristine Shafer and recorded at OMG studios.  Still photography by Marty Gronerman and James Pomeranz. The videoshoot/editing  and score music by James F. Pomeranz.  Lots of thanks and respect must be given to my gifted and talented friends, Kristine & Marty and Kids Haven as well.

Operial Media Group

This is my web clip highlighting my musical compositions, video/photography, visual editing and audio recording. The musical score “Mover” was composed using my Korg Le Triton workstation and my Roland GR-20 guitar Synthesizer interface and tracked on my Roland BR-1600CD digital recording studio. The recording studio is now using Apple’s Logic 9.3 software and the Video editing suite is equipped with Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe CS5 software. This project was developed in Apple’s Motion and Final cut pro. Apple has changed my creative world. Please note that the videos are posted on the web and can freeze & stream slowly at times.


Lumonics Light & Sound Gallery

Here is my latest clip of Lumonic’s Sound & Light gallery. This shows quite a bit more of Dorothy Tanner’s work and just how talented she is…..Not to mention diverse.

Here is my first web clip for Lumonics that shows the amazing works of Dorothy Tanner. You really have to see these in person and I was stunned when I did. This is just a test clip and really is just a short sketch of what a completed project would be. To see more visit:


How To Be A Hippie

Here is my youngest daughter’s skit “How to be a Hippie”. It was developed by a school writing project and completed in my studio. It was done on a green screen and back elements were developed in Apple’s Motion and completed in Final Cut Pro and Color. Music is a song that she love’s by Steppenwolf, one of my favorite 60’s/70’s bands. We had so much fun, the laughter and joy of watching her act out her skit was an unforgettable experience as a Father.
Credits: Music by Steppenwolf, script by Teya Pomeranz

Delicate Arch

“Delicate Arch” is a short showing some of the magnificent landscape of Utah and Arches national park. This place holds so much beauty and presence that it is a must to see. It was hard to leave and I can’t wait to go back. This was edited in Final cut pro and Color and the music was written and recorded on a Korg M-3 and Apple’s Logic 9 and the Guitars were my trusty Paul Reed Smith custom 24.

The Island

“The Island” Documents a trip to the big island of Hawaii and captures a small portion of the islands beauty. Pololu is a the most amazing place I have ever been too and is on my bucket list as the most important journey to revisit and explore in greater detail. This video was developed mostly in Apples Motion and the music was recorded on my Zoom R-16 in Mesa Colorado by the fireplace at my Sister’s ranch. Most still images were shot in “RAW” and the video was shot in the AVCHD format and converted to H264.

Amy Starr Allen – Web Clip

This is a web clip that I developed in Apple’s Motion for a friend, Amy Starr Allen and was made for her web site and marketing company. The music was done on a Korg M3 and recorded in Apple’s Logic 9 on my Macbook and mixed/mastered in Apple’s Logic 9 on my IMAC in the studio. The script and story was written by Amy and was produced by the both of us through several discussions and e-mails. Musical selection is called ‘Our Deepest fear”.

A Change of season – Photography Sampler

This is the first in the series of photography samplers. The photography ranges from Hawaii, San Filipe, Utah to Caribou Ranch in Colorado. The music selection is called “The Chase” which is more of a action techno based piece.

Hawaii – Photography Sampler

This is another photography sampler of the big island of Hawaii. I have a much larger library of pictures from the island and this will be updated and more complete in the near future. The musical piece “Phantom One” was written and developed on my Korg Le Triton and recorded on my Roland BR-1600CD. Slide show visuals were done on my Apple computer.

Landscapes – Photography Sampler

This is the third Video in the series of photography samplers. The photography comes several places and a wide range of visual enhancements were applied. The music selection is called “Blue Tuesday” which was written on a Korg M3 and once again all guitars were my PRS, which is the favorite, it suits my needs and tones and plays so good that it is hard to comprehend. The song was recorded completely in Apples Logic 9.