Welcome to the new page for the “Reshaping The Curve album project. For over close to four decades, modern music has been kind of a fad or wave. I’ve always thought music should always be a permanent wave … just music.The true identity should be within the artists style. I’ve always naturally gravitate 60’s and 70’s music which here we refer to the curve. Not drawn in a formatted straight line, more of a curve. So here we’ve chosen to re-color the curve or reshaping the curve.

Sitting in the produces chair is fum and demanding. First move was formulating the idea which was a breeze. I really spend most of my free time hanging out with artists and musicians. The so far assorted cast of characters include Steven Langley – Guitar and vocals – Stephen Hartman – Slapping De Bass, The Electric Stick as well as audio and engineering assistance. My list of hopefuls is gigantic. Alonya, which I consider to be one of the best vocalist today. She is a really good musician as well. Alan Carter from Sweetwater music. The Fabulous Colorado icon, Hazel Miller and sweetest person on the planet. Gary O’Toole from The Steve Hackett band. Great percussionist and musician as well. Michael Allsup from the legendary Three Dog Night. One of my all time favorite guitarist’s.