Here is a couple of test videos of the Moses Jones Band at Rhythyms in Colorado. In my opinion, they are one of the best local bands in the Colorado area. This band makes a connection with the audience and they send a good vibe flying off the stage. The musicianship in this band is staggering, every person in this band commands their instrument/voice or what have you. They seem to be mostly an R & B band, but they glide through many of styles music and are capable of any genre out there. Their version of Peter Gabriel’s “Sledge Hammer” and their transition into “Stevie Wonder’s” Superstition is from a producers stance is brilliant and extremely professional. They are very good at leaving no dead space in their performances.

This is a composition called “Dream”. It was mostly composed on a on a Korg Le Triton and then some Roland GR-20 guitar synthesizer parts were added to create the female choir and swells. The scenery is from Pololu, Hawaii. If there is heaven on earth, Pololu is the place.

This is an older piece that always made think of the joy of the holidays in December and if you find the right personal reasons to connect to the season … All there is joy. This clip is a very simple visual experience that is really just an enhancement to the music.

This is a clip put to Franklin Stoves – Tombstone Trance. A very interesting band that combines pure improvisation & story telling to take you to a place, you’ve never been musically.

Here is a very simple clip using Apples Visualizer and some quick motion graphic to my song “Phantom One”. I love the way the visualizer reacts to this song and paints a dreamy space landscape.

Here is a simple Motion Graphics visual video to my song “Blue Tuesday”… Nuthin fancy and after all, It really is about the music.

Video photography and editing by James F. Pomeranz. Moses Jones Video shoot assisted by Mark Freehling.