TIMELESS (words and music James Pomeranz)

Seem ya never have the time, to the things ya need
It’s strange how a flower, comes from such a tiny seed
Still the windows always open, the doors just ajar
A quickly fading childhood, is watching from a far

Shadows live to pull you, into a sunless quiet place
like a fallen angel, you’ve lost your sense of place
Armed with a head held high and the gift of thought
We can rise above like a shining sun, to a place that is not

Not without hope or a clock without hands
Taken everything with a grain of sand
Time moves on, no matter where I am
It’s so hard to understand

Still I never have the means to bring an end to this pace
with life cruising by and the sadness in your face
it’s all that we make of, the time on our hands
Anger is an easy place, to let your feeling land

Land in a place without desire or dreams
Drifting along like a wandering stream
So locked in their grip, I’d just let them fade
Fade away

For every moment and the memories cast in stone
If I could steal another minute or an hour on my own
Time is fleeting and setting like the sun
We lose the sense of meaning and a battle never won


Timeless is really about the tug of war that almost everyone feels regarding what you are doing with your life and what you would really like to be doing with your life. The biggest influence has to be children and how fast the clock ticks with the time you have with them.