Aglow is really about inspiration, individuality,  conformity and the tug of war between those three elements. It is based from watching other artists/musicians that have no sense of freedom in their life and in there art. There are several types of artists. One that has a statement to make and walks there own path and has no fear of coloring outside of the lines. Then, there is the one that looks at the contemporary scene and approaches their work with the thought “You have to be commercial” … Their work ends up being shallow, predictable and not very original. The forth element comes into play and that is the insecurity that those individuals display. In the final stretch, it closes with the hope of building trust, honesty and the ability as friends/co-artists to discuss those issues and land at a place of moving forward and taking your work to greater heights.

AGLOW – The lyrics

Somethings have no value
like drowning in your peers
Rather to watch you wash away to ease themselves and there fears
But no matter where they go their just running themselves
They hold on to some inner loss a feeling we all understand

Time is such a gift a star out in the night
So much hope as it twinkles by
Stretching far to bring us light
But no matter where we go just looking for ourselves
We try to shake that inner loss a trace of me I used to know

Still one can be so aglow
A candle in the night, a lighthouse to show the way
Reaching so or to guide us through
A glimpse of hope from me to you

Wondering of a perfect world
are we just out of, out of touch
Not the one who casts the first stone
They practice what they, what they teach

Never let the world of dreams, That’s fallen out of reach
A place, a place of ones self worth
Germinating like a seed
But the fires burn deep at night, a sun that will not die
Seal commitment with open hand
Sending trust from eye to eye