Second Nature started out as a Rush tribute band in 1997. We have always enjoyed the music,  the severe music and skill  lessons that comes with taking on such a monumental task. It was a little exhausting and time consuming. Covering other peoples songs is not really as rewarding as writing and arranging original compositions.  I have always felt that the only real expression and test of a musician is your original work. We did the Rush thing from 1997 – 2001,  Clay & I took the huge task of building the recording studio in my house, it took just over nine months. Then came the writing process which is a natural thing for me. We starting working with Dean Bynum as an engineer & co-producer and got to work. The computer recording process was still in its infancy. We worked on three ADAT”s and all the headaches and components involved. Months & Months dissolved and the project got shelved due to strain and the dissatisfaction to its outcome.

There were so many factors at play that caused the door to close. In December 2009, it was time to re-think the studio and its gear. The studio went from ADATS to a Roland VS2480 and then finally to Apple’s Logic 9. The doors opened to a much bigger universe and capability’s.  Date line 2012 –  We transferred the ADAT recordings to Logic 9 and started to get moving on the Second Nature – Electric Science Project. The short comings are still abundant with a light showing at the end of the tunnel. With the new capability’s it will be much easier to tackle. The songs had vanished and were distant memories, but taking a fresh look at them,  it got the spark rekindled and the ability to fix the short comings now were made possible. It was a great learning curve to work with such talented individuals such as Dave Harcrow , Clay Adams and Dean Bynum. I really feel that this album doesn’t come close to showing their talents or abilities. This just scratches the surface. It is what it is and not what is can be…or will be.

Sadly, there  is very little  true progressive music being made and the musical horizon is extremely bleak. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t ask myself… What happened to music?  I was listening to “Emerson, Lake and Palmers – Trilogy” album and got this overwhelming sense of embarrassment for modern/contemporary music and musicians.  “The Electric Science Project” to me, still carries the torch for that genre and was written as pieces that really came from a place of honesty and the love of music. I had forgotten how complex the compositions were and how much work it took to get this far and how much there is still to do to get it completed.

With the kind of music we write 24 tracks are such a limit. Now with them transferred into Logic 9, 250 tracks are possible (I think I only topped out at 60+ tracks on a song). The tracks below are just a snapshot of the current state of the songs, let the repairs begin. The short comings such as the wall of reverb, the nasal and brittle high  tones of the guitar and weak tone all around will be addressed. There are other problems that need to be addressed … The list goes on and on. I do think that the base of the songs themselves are worth the effort.

More to follow and well wishes to all in the upcoming new year.

James Pomeranz

Below is the complete album with all the separate interludes and songs pieced together.  If you scroll down further, you can listen to all the songs individually.

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Here you can read lyrics and the writer notes regarding their thoughts about the songs and their meaning. These pages are under construction.


AGLOW (Words & Music James Pomeranz)
YESTERDAYS (Words David Harcrow – Music James Pomeranz)
FIRST GLANCE (Words & Music James Pomeranz)
TIMELESS (Words & Music James Pomeranz) – all Keyboards James Pomeranz
FALLING TO DARK WATER (Words & Music James Pomeranz)
UNDERTOW (Words David W. Harcrow & Music James Pomeranz)
PERSPECTIVES (Words & Music David W. Harcrow)
EUPHORIA (Music James Pomeranz)
CLOSING BOOK (Music & Sound Design James Pomeranz)

Recorded at N-Ter-Face Audio Works, Parker Colorado 1998.

Original tracks * Engineered by Dean Bynum (Dean-o)

Produced by Second Nature & Dean Bynum.

Additional Keyboards    Guitars   Mixes   James Pomeranz 2012.

(Final vocal arrangements David W. Harcrow)

All Music recorded at Operial Media Studios & N-TER-FACE Audio works – Original tracks 1998.

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