Here is a partial collection of our Musical Compositions and thematic music. This playlist will be updated periodically with new additions. You will have to click on a song to play it. There is a tremendous amount of material listed here and to access all of it, you will need to scroll down.

I have really tried to diversify my work & song writing and write a wide variety of different styles and genres of music. I prefer real drums and percussion as to programmed rhythm sections. A large portion of my music uses programmed drum and percussion and is considered more of a demo rhythmically. My drum machine parts are used as a back drop. Most of the music on my page was performed and composed by myself so drum machines were more of a necessity.

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Technical Information

All instruments* Recording * Production * Video* Photography * Video editing

By James F. Pomeranz

All songs written by James F. Pomeranz

(except – 8 days a week & Help and where noted)


8 Days a week – written by Lennon & McCartney

Vocals performed by – Teya Pomeranz (at age 5)

Arrangement-Guitars-Keyboards – JFP (at age – Don’t ask)


Help – written by Lennon & McCartney

Vocals performed by – Jill Chappa

Arrangement – Guitars – Bass – Keyboards  –  James Pomeranz


The Gift – Vocals -Stanley Milton – Rough Demo – 1993. (Pre-Digital)


Early Frost (Words Vic Urbina & Music James Pomeranz) Vocals by Vic & all by instruments James.
River of Life (Zenon Kowal & Steve Gainer)

Recorded by FIRST BORN at Caribou Ranch, Nederland, Colorado, October 1984 – Additional Guitars recorded at Operial Media Studios.

Bass & Keyboards – Zenon Kowal  *  Vocal & Keyboards – Lynn Colbert

Drums – Clay Adams  *   Electric & Acoustic Guitars – James Pomeranz

One of the last albums done at Caribou Ranch * In loving memory of “Frank” the cat and Zenon R.I.P.


Tracks Second Nature – The Electric Science Project

AGLOW (Words & Music James Pomeranz)

YESTERDAYS (Words David Harcrow – Music James Pomeranz)

FIRST GLANCE (Words & Music James Pomeranz)

TIMELESS (Words & Music James Pomeranz) – all Keyboards James Pomeranz

FALLING TO DARK WATER (Words & Music James Pomeranz)

UNDERTOW (Words David W. Harcrow & Music James Pomeranz)

PERSPECTIVES (Words & Music David W. Harcrow)

EUPHORIA (Music James Pomeranz) Originally “Blue Fusion – See original demo in musical compositions page.

Dave Harcrow – Bass, Keyboards, Vocals * Clay Adams – Percussion & Drums * James Pomeranz – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards

Recorded at N-Ter-Face Audio Works, Parker Colorado 1997/1998. Engineered by Dean Bynum (Dean-o) * Produced by Second Nature & Dean Bynum.

Background vocals by Autumn Marx on “First Glance and Timeless”.

Additional Keyboards & Guitar & Mixes James Pomeranz 2012.

(Final vocal arrangements David W. Harcrow)

All Music recorded at Operial Media Studios & N-TER-FACE Audio works – Original tracks 1998.


Visuals edited at Operial Media Studios

Parker, Colorado

Web page design and development : Eric Hansen and OMG

On an artistic note:

I try to keep my music and visual work as honest as possible and always try to be original. When composing, the best work comes from the heart and all of my work has been pulled from that place and have always been enjoyable to create. The only real test of a musician is by the work they compose/create. I am constantly judging myself by the artist’s I admire, resetting my standards; Raising the bar daily. There are a couple of covered Beatles songs which were treated as original compositions. I have a sincere belief that there is no reason to work on songs written by another composer unless they are completely restructured and given a breath of new life. I have intentionally steered clear of the loudness war and have mixed & mastered my music at a lower volume, leaving breathing room and giving the highs/lows some places to move. The loudness war thing is preposterous and embarrassing. It is an emblematic symbol of modern musicians lack of individuality and control of their work.

Melody….The final frontier.



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